Who we are

Our objectives

1. To provide safe, quality education to primary school refugee children who cannot access public education.

2. To build the children’s resilience and prepare them to leave the project and enter into mainstream schools.

3. To advocate for the rights of refugee children.

Marist Characteristics

As a Marist program we live the characteristics of presence, family spirit, love of work, simplicity and in the way of Mary.

our values

Quality Education

We provide the highest possible quality of education for our learners.

A Safe Space

We provide an environment that is socially, physically, spiritually and emotionally safe for our learners.

Integration and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and seek opportunities for our learners to engage with their host school and broader South African Community.

Diversity of Expression

While we are a Marist program, we embrace the diversity of expression found in all our host schools and value the unique gifts in each of our communities.

Understanding and Giving Voices

We understand the complex nature of displacement and seek to give voice to our children and their broader refugee community.