Three2Six newsletter - end-of-year 2023

Environmental awareness activities at the project

Global Action Month

Every year in November, our partner Terre des Hommes celebrates ‘Global Action Month’ (GAM) through its International Youth Network. Every child has rights, and those rights should be respected and protected. Amongst those rights, there is a right to a clean environment. We all want to live in a green environment but very few of us are taking the initiative to maintain a clean atmosphere. Keeping our planet clean is our responsibility, it starts with things as little as not littering. Making awareness is good, practice is better, especially if it is continuous.
GAM 10
GAM 5 copy
For GAM, our younger grades picked up litter, did activities on reuse, reduce and recycle, and created a world global chart with bottle lids. The grade 4 classes discussed how growing fruits and vegetables at home can help make a family self-reliant and help reduce food insecurity. Each child then filled a small plant pot with rocks, soil, and seeds. They watered them and created labels to know what was planted. The children looked after them at school and followed the germination process before taking them home for the holidays. The grade 5s created an educational video on practical ways to help the environment which they presented to their classmates, while the grade 6s created crafts that promote environmental sustainability.
GAM 14
GAM 15
Youth are the leaders of tomorrow. GAM aims to gather young people to voice out this matter and save the environment. Let’s train the youth to perform good practice which they will be empowered to implement later in life.

Social cohesion event

Three2Six and its partners Regional Psychosocial Support Initiatives (REPSSI), Judo for Peace and Outreach Foundation came together and hosted an event with their youth groups, to promote mental health and to build connections between the local and refugee communities. The children were taught judo techniques and got the chance to practice them in pairs which sparked a lot of laughter.
REPSSI 7 copy
In an effort to break down the stigma that exists around mental health, REPSSI facilitated group discussions around the factors that impact positively and negatively on one’s mental health, and what adults can do to help children facing such issues. To end the morning, the children were treated to a lively concert by the Foundation's youth marimba band, which left the children all starry-eyed.

Visit of the French Consulate

IMG_7708 2 copy
Our French-speaking learners went to the French Consulate of Johannesburg in November. They were very proud to walk in the building knowing that their parents and families are French-speaking. A warm welcome was given to the learners by Consul General Etienne Chapon and his staff.
Learners were given the opportunity to ask questions about the various consular services that they were introduced to by the Consul. The reception ended with delicious French pastries. The aims of the visit were to expose the children to different kinds of careers, and to give them the opportunity to ask for a French centre to be created, so that those who live in South Africa but were born of French-speaking parents won’t lose the language. Before leaving, the learners were given a gift of toiletries. Thank you to the Consulate’s team for such a warm welcome and an enlightening visit.
Consulate 4

National Children's Theatre outing

It is the end of the year and learners were given a great Christmas present by Tamar Guhrs, the incoming CEO of the National Children’s Theatre. Close to 90 of our learners were treated to this!
Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 11.50.54
“A year with Frog and Toad” is the show that they watched, it was about Christmas and the strong ties that bind friends who look after each other. With a heart of gratitude our learners say thank you.


Three2Six promotes participation in physical activities, and has sport as a subject. However, many of our children do not have the means to afford sports shoes. Our generous staff Kelsay saw the need and donated pairs to our learners. Thank you for your kind support.
Donation 3

Training with Save the Children

In emerging and developing markets around the world, Save the Children present opportunity programs to equip at-risk adolescents and youth with the skills and job linkages they need to find decent jobs or build their own businesses.
STC 4 copy
The South African offices of the organisation had a 3-day training with our alumni and some of our learners. The training's aim was to improve the skills, competencies, behaviours, attitudes, and personal qualities of youth to ensure that they are more able to successfully transition into adult and work life while pursuing their personal development and be economically empowered.

Through games, group work and discussions, the training covered crucial topics such as self-awareness, teamwork, conflict resolution, decision-making, communication, goal-setting, and how to present oneself especially in the work environment. There will be follow-up sessions next year that will focus on economic empowerment.

Prize-giving ceremony

Do you know that proverb that says, ‘you reap what you sow?’. That is exactly what happens when you put in the work. Yes, it is never too late to be successful but great success is built over time at an early stage. For one to reap good fruits, one has to lay a great foundation so that whatever he/she plants can yield great results.
Prize giving 4
Prize giving 3
Prize giving 1
We had a prize-giving ceremony on the last day of school. This was the day we acknowledged students who showed consistent hard work in their studies. Learners were rewarded for outstanding performance, exceptional behaviour, leadership roles and participation in other activities such as the scholar patrol. It was such a proud moment for parents to witness the achievement of their children. Well done to our top achievers! To top it off, St David’s Marist Inanda donated delicious party packs to the children which was a great reward for all.

Grade 7s farewell

Every journey comes to an end. Our seniors have now left the project to begin a new journey elsewhere. We wish them so much prosperity and success in their new endeavours, we believe in them, and we are certain that they will be great out there. A great farewell to you grade 7s!

If you would like to sponsor or partly sponsor one of these children’s high school education, please get in touch with us at You would be assisting in developing these children to become self-sufficient and active members of our society.

Baking course for our parents

As much as our parents would like to get education, their administrative status and financial situation very often get in the way. This is why we partnered with The Rights2Live Africa Foundation to offer them a baking course.
Baking 10 copy 2
Baking 6 copy
Baking 3
Ten of our mothers were equipped with handy skills that could help them establish small businesses such as bakeries so that they can have a source of income from their own hard work. We thank Nicole for facilitating the training and making it successful for our parents. She trained them on bread making, from ciabatta to French baguette and sweet rolls. Thank you to the Foundation for empowering our parents.

Alumni days

In November, the alumni day was focused on academics. Unfortunately there was a low attendance due to the ongoing exam season, some of the pupils saw it fit to attend extra lessons provided by their schools and by the government to try to cover various sections of the curriculum. Nyasha Bowora and Angel Zondo assisted with mental health awareness and mental preparation for the exam season. The pupils were taught breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation exercises and yoga to help them stabilise the rising anxiety and fear around exams. We ended our session with a reflection and wished blessings upon the pupils during their time of exams.
This month, for our last alumni day session of the year 2023, we congregated to celebrate the end of the exam season which was what occupied the pupils for the past two months. We celebrated the pupils' commitment and dedication to their studies and to attending the monthly alumni days which were tailor-planned for their needs. The alumni attended in numbers, and some even brought along their siblings and friends. We spent the day at the pool, the pupils had a lovely afternoon showcasing their swimming skills. We reflected on the year and assessed the progress of the goals we had set at the beginning of the year. We ended off our day with lunch as we sat around the school orchard talking and sharing holiday plans.

New articles on Three2Six

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 15.49.48
In November, we received the visit of Fr Russell who engaged with our team and an alumni, and had a chance to go around classrooms to meet some of our learners and teachers. An article of this visit came out in America the Jesuit Review. Read these life stories and more by clicking here. de Johannesburg, a website and newsletter for French expatriates and Francophones living in the city, released an article on the project. Written in French, it tells the story of the project and how it has evolved since its creation 15 years ago. Some of our students were interviewed by Maeva Dewas, the journalist behind this initiative, who shared with her what Three2Six means to them. Read and share.
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Fundraising update

Three2Six would like to thank our loyal donors for their continued support of the project. Each Three2Six child that wakes up in the morning, puts on their uniform, catches the bus and arrives at school is here thanks to you. Education is the way in which to improve people’s lives and each of our donors makes it possible for another child to benefit from the quality education offered by the host school, Dominican Convent School (DCS).

This year, we continued to receive support from The Breadsticks Foundation, the Harris Matthews Charitable Trust, the HCI Foundation, a trust administered by Investec Wealth, the Jell Foundation, Joan Hanley, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, Misean Cara and Terre des hommes. We are very thrilled to share that the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, and the University of West England have come on board as new donors to Three2Six. These new donors will ensure that 225 children will enjoy a fun-filled learning experience at DCS for 2024.

We are also very lucky to have the support of private donors who make financial gifts to the project to the extent of what they can. We encourage you to consider making a regular financial contribution to Three2Six. The more regular contributors we have to the project, the more sustainable the project becomes. You are able to make a financial contribution by EFT from anywhere in the world or by using Snapscan, Paypal or back-a-buddy. Or set up a monthly debit order on your banking system to help ensure that we can fill a tummy, provide a ride and pave the way out of poverty for these children.
Three2Six support us A5
In case you have missed it, we currently have the above call for donations to help us fund our feeding, stationery and transportation programmes. You can contribute any amount in just a few clicks. Share with your family, a friend or a colleague.
Three2Six can offer Section 18A certificates to South African residents who make a donation to the project. Thank you for considering us!

New video

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Our October highlight video is out. Do not forget to like, subscribe, comment and share. Watch it here.
As we end the term and the school year, we would like to wish you all a wonderful festive season. We are looking forward to a great start of school next year!
Each donation counts and helps us make a valuable change in the lives of our learners.
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