Three2Six newsletter - August 2022

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“You can make a difference, only if you believe it” - Owami, 12 years, grade 5 at Three2Six

Cultural outing

refugee concert (1)
Our partner the Turquoise Harmony Institute hosted a concert for refugees on the 12th of August. The event was organised to promote social cohesion and remind people that forced displacement is a real crisis. It also celebrated the strengths of people who had to flee their countries and leave all that they knew behind.
On that evening our learners got to see famous South African artists perform live for this cause, and one of our children recited a powerful poem on being a refugee by Sarah Lubala. The project also promoted its work and its poetry booklet with the guests.
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Visitors at the project

On the 12th of August, our Observatory Girls’ Primary School campus had the pleasure to receive guests from Spain. Pep and his family visited the school and the learners, and had lots of fun singing and playing games with them. The family of 5 are all teachers in their country. They are deeply Marist and have been involved with the General House for the past six years. They shared their knowledge with the teachers and interacted with our campus coordinator there. We really enjoyed their visit.

Your donations make a difference!

Your donations make a difference!
In August, a Sacred Heart College parent gave over 100 loaves of bread to the project. We also received a donation of 6 bags of porridge, a total of 150 kg, from ForAfrika for all our campuses. The generous donations were distributed to our campuses during the month.

Community garden video

As part of a collaboration with an international partner, the project filmed the community garden initiative taking place at its Observatory Girls’ Primary School campus. This garden, which was donated by Grace Beyond Borders, is an initiative to promote social cohesion between the host school and the Three2Six communities.
Gardening (1)
It has helped bring them together, and the vegetables that are grown are used to feed the learners and are distributed to the families to use at home. It has been a success, and the story of this garden will be shared online soon. Stay tuned!

Alumni update

On the 6th, the project organized a gala for its senior alumni at one of its host schools, Holy Family College. The aim of this day was to simply reunite and catch up.
gala (2)
We began with icebreakersbefore sharing in groups personal stories about Three2Six: what our alumni loved about it and what they miss about it, what it means to them and what their lives have been since they have left Three2Six.
Later we showed them a video with messages from past international volunteers who spent time at the project. A group of alumni also prepared an amazing dance performance that led to everyone dancing and cheering for them.
gala (3)
Close to 60 of our past learners attended the gala. We were heartened to hear how the project nurtured them and to see how far they have come since leaving us, despite the many challenges. We are so proud of them!
Monthly reunion
August alumni day 1 (1)
August is women’s month in South Africa. For this reason, the alumni day that took place on the 6th started with acknowledging the importance of women in our families and societies, as well as understanding the historical events that led to the celebration of Women's Day each year.
August alumni day 5
Afterwards, volunteers focused on helping alumni with their schoolwork and school projects. To improve the alumni's listening skills, volunteers also held an activity to assess their reading and comprehension skills, which will lead to further support. We look forward to another alumni day soon!

Advocacy update

Art festival
Art (2)
As announced in our previous newsletter, we will be hosting an art festival in September, with the theme "being a refugee". For this reason, our learners and alumni have been working on artistic pieces to present on the day such as paintings, drawings, poems and many more. If you would like to join us, please email us at
New project brochure
After working on it for the last few weeks, we are happy to share with you our brand new project brochure! It features up-to-date information on the activities we implement for our beneficiaries, our impact, our contact and donation details, as well as testimonials from our alumni. Here is the link to read it. We hope you enjoy it and please share it widely around you!
New platform for donations
The project is happy to announce that it has joined Snapscan. With this platform, donations are made easy and only take a few seconds. If the application is not installed on your phone, you can simply scan the code on the right and you will be directed to a page where you can choose your preferred payment method (via card or EFT) and select the amount you'd like to donate.

Whether you are an international or local supporter of the project, you may alternatively follow this link to donate to the project in a few clicks, using your bank card or doing a bank transfer. All amounts count and help us run our operations!
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Catch up on our July highlight video here and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to view our other videos. Our August edition will be released soon!
Each donation counts and helps us make a valuable change in the lives of our learners.
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