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Three2Six newsletter - July 2022

“When you fail, get up, work hard and you will do better next time!” - Buhle, grade 5 learner at Three2Six, 11 years old

Nelson Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela Day is an annual international day in honor of Nelson Mandela, celebrated on his birthday, 18 July. On this day everyone is encouraged to make a difference in their communities and inspire change.
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Once again, we received wonderful support from our Three2Six friends for this celebration. A team from the Mary Oppenheimer and Daughters Office (MODO) visited us to donate 134 food parcels to our families. With our director, they also spent some time talking with our children about Nelson Mandela and the importance of his legacy.
The Sacred Heart College community also donated food to the project. Jars of Hope is an initiative by the College’s community, for which they collected empty containers and filled them with stock cubes, beans and a soup packet with its cooking instructions.
Jars of hope (22) (1)
Jars of hope (9) (2)
The aim of these jars is to feed those in need whilst empowering them with the skill of cooking a simple yet nutritional meal for their family. These jars indeed brought hope to the Three2Six families who all received the donations!

Other donations

This month, the project also received food items from a Sacred Heart College parent and his family. These donations benefited the 50 families of our Observatory Girls’ Primary School. We are so grateful for their renewed support!
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St David's Marist Inanda School recently donated uniforms and clothes to the project which were distributed to our children on the 27th. The donations included jackets, shirts, pants, tracksuits, and scarves. Thank you!

Project visits

Picture by Lizette 2
Picture by Lizette Cressey.
We were delighted to welcome two of our funders at the project recently: a team from Terre des Hommes (TDH) Germany and one from our Irish funder Misean Cara.

Their visits were an opportunity for us to discuss our recent activities, the support we offer our learners in various forms, and our plans for the future. Afterwards, it was exciting to show them everything in action and to introduce them to our teachers and children.

Alumni day

Every first Saturday of the month we host an alumni day. This month, the activities organized by the Marist Youth group of volunteers were creative, interactive, and collective.
The day started with an art piece that shed light on the struggles our past learners faced during term 2, the "yesterdays", and on the hopes each would like to bring into term 3, "today". The day ended off with a drama workshop. In groups of five, our alumni presented their pieces and showed strong images of day-to-day life using only their bodies.
July alumni day (5)

Advocacy update

Art festival
Paintings (10)
The project will hold an art festival in September to share the voices of its learners and raise awareness of their situation as refugees. In preparation for it, our children have been working on a variety of artistic works such as paintings, drama, singing and dancing.

They have also each been painting their idea of home on tiles across campuses. These tiles will become a mural that will be installed at one of our host schools. Stay tuned!
Engagement with a Member of Provincial Legislature
The project got to introduce its work to a member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature and member of the Provincial Portfolio Committee on Education. We discussed the problems that our learners face as non-South Africans in the country, especially with regards to access to education, and presented our “Talking and Thinking about Refugees” resource which was designed to help teachers change mindsets around refugees. A project visit will be organised.
Psychosocial Rights Forum
On the 14th of July, our advocacy team took part in a meeting by this Forum. It was attended by organisations that work with migrants and refugees such as Medecins Sans Frontieres, Future Families and the Outreach Foundation. Feedback on the youth dialogue recently organised by members of the Forum (more on this in our June newsletter) was provided to decide how to support this youth further as a collective of organisations. Upcoming advocacy opportunities were also discussed as well as the on-the-ground challenges faced by the participating organisations.

Staff update

Timmy 2
This month we said goodbye to one of our volunteers, Timmy, who supported our activities on all our campuses. She had been with us since January this year, helping with iPad lessons, sports, supervision of the children, reading, arts and other activities. Thank you for your support, we wish you all the best in your next chapter!
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Watch our June highlight video here and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to access our other videos. Our July highlight video will be out soon!
Each donation counts and helps us make a valuable change in the lives of our learners
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