Three2Six newsletter - October 2022

SHC art dance 2
Some Three2Six art exhibited at the Sacred Heart College festival

Social cohesion activity at our campuses

We are happy to report that our self-defense classes have resumed this month! After launching this project at Sacred Heart College last term, we have expanded it to our two other campuses, Holy Family College and Observatory Girls’ Primary School. This is offered once a week. Each campus has sessions with a small group of host school and Three2Six children to make it easier for them to get to know each other and forge links. Moses, the coach from our partner Judo for Peace, teaches them the basics of self-defense while fostering curiosity and interest for each other.
Self-defense 1
SD 5

School outings

Goldreef (9)

They tried as many games and attractions as they could and definitely didn't want to go home at the end of the day. It was a day full of laughter and a great way to relax before exam time next month.

Concert 2
Their littles ones welcomed us with songs. They had also prepared lovely choreographies that they were eager to show to our children and teachers. Thank you for the invitation!
Early October, our teachers took our grade 6 learners to Gold Reef City, an amusement park, for the whole day. The children were given the opportunity to play in an exciting environment and to experience the rides that they usually only see on TV.
Goldreef (24)
On the 27th of this month, the youngest grades from our Observatory Girls' Primary School and Sacred Heart College campuses hopped on a bus to visit the nearby Dominican Convent School. We were invited to attend their foundation phase concert.
Concert 3

Art festival

Mid-month, Sacred Heart College put on a show for the whole community for its art exhibition and music concert. The pre-primary school held an art exhibition and an auction, and the high school a music concert while artworks made by the learners were also exhibited. The College’s marimba band performed as well as its choir, its jazz band and many others. The project was excited to be part of the celebrations. A group of our learners danced on stage and another one performed a play around xenophobia. Art from both our current and past learners was displayed in the school corridors for the main school parents to enjoy. Well done to all participants for a beautiful evening.
SHC art dance 3
SHC art dance 4

Donations to the project

JAM donation 2
And another donation from ForAfrika allowed us to provide porridge to all our families. We are also grateful for the uniforms donated by St David’s Marist which went to a hundred of our children.
We could again provide food aid to our families thanks to donations from our caring community. Funds donated by a Sacred Heart College parent allowed us to buy tinned food for all our Holy Family College families.
's 2

Alumni day

Alumni day 1
This past alumni day was centered around helping our past learners with their academics, as we know the end of the year is approaching and that signals the beginning of the exam season. The students brought their schoolwork, projects and anything they struggled with or felt they needed help with.
We had 3 stations (Math, Science and a Projects Station), each being managed by one of our Marist volunteers. They helped the learners with homework and understanding concepts better, then went on to give them worksheets to use as practice. Our director also attended the session and donated some stationery, books and equipment that will be available for use on the next alumni day.
The last hour was spent playing games: egg on a spoon, but with tennis balls and rackets. They also did some athletics and played a soccer match. To end off the session, lunch was served. While they all ate, our volunteer Angel asked the group about their academic goals for the term. She advised them to write them down and to make a step-to-step plan on how to achieve them.
Alumni day 2

Advocacy update

Presentation at conference
Mexico conference
Hope-based narrative workshop
The project took part in a workshop organised by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). It brought together journalists and organisations working in the migration field such as Section 27 and Doctors without Borders, and that are involved in shifting narratives around migrants and refugees.
Our director had the honour of making a presentation about the project and its beneficiaries at a conference on refugees and the barriers that they face while in their host countries. Other organisations shared their experiences from their work on the ground in Switzerland and Mexico. The conference was attended by over 300 people.

The workshop aimed at supporting the participants in creating their own vision of what migration narratives should be. It provided everyone with an understanding of the hope-based narrative approach and of how it can be applied in our organisations’ day-to-day communication activities.

Fundraising update

Kelsay Correa has been appointed on a fixed-term contract to do fundraising. She comes with extensive experience from the Catholic Institute of Education and has worked in the project for just under two months.

We have received a $30 000 US grant from the Raskob Foundation (the next one has been applied for and was not successful). We have also received a $30  000 grant from the Harris Matthews Trust which includes the fees for Jemi (former Three2Six student), a current Sacred Heart College Matric student. Our team in the States led by Art Minson follows up on all leads we give them. We continue to raise smaller grants like the one from the Caring Women’s Forum (R50 000).

We have had face-to-face meetings with the Jell Foundation as well as the HCI Foundation. We have also met the team from Misean Cara in Ireland. These meetings have gone well. The focus of the meetings has been on the move to the new campus. We also met with Investec and have just received a grant of R700 000 for 2023. We have several applications with different funders, and the Vatican, for consideration.

Nthabiseng Seane assisted us in August and September with reports and proposals. We have been lucky to have more time during these holidays to write reports and to work on a detailed master funding proposal.

Staff update

After spending over a year and a half at the project, Divine has left Three2Six to start a marketing internship at Sacred Heart College, one of our host schools. She was our communications intern and also took on our monitoring and evaluation activities more recently. We are very proud of how far she has come since joining Three2Six as a student and of what she has achieved. Our best wishes to her for this new chapter!
Our September highlight video has been released. Click here to watch it.
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Each donation counts and helps us make a valuable change in the lives of our learners.
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