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April 2022 newsletter

“It is okay to make mistakes, just learn from it!" - Ange, 8 years old, grade 4

Easter celebrations on our campuses

Easter egg hunt (5)
Our children had a delicious Easter celebration thanks to the chocolate egg donations received from the Sacred Heart College students. They put a smile on our learners’ faces by donating over 1300 Easter eggs to our campuses. Thank you so much and well done for organising such a big donation drive.
To celebrate Easter, our children made crafts. At our Observatory Girls’ Primary School campus, they designed Easter egg hunt baskets using paper, fabrics, cardboard, and other materials. Hunting for Easter eggs was their favorite part of the celebration. At our Sacred Heart College and Holy Family College campuses, the children made Easter cards and baskets and our little ones coloured bunnies and Easter eggs.

Dance competition

The children of our Holy Family College campus held a dance competition on the last day of school. Parents were invited to cheer on the learners, and at the end of the day everyone was dancing, parents, learners, and teachers. Our children had some good moves and were rewarded with a certificate for taking part.
Dance competition (3)

School outings

Visit of the Judo for Peace dojo
In March and April, most of our children enjoyed a sporty visit to our partner Judo for Peace’s dojo. For International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, a team from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) joined us as the children warmed up and were having fun playing games.
Judo for Peace visit 3
Judo for Peace visit 2
During the second part of the morning, our learners visited the building where the dojo is based: Ponte Tower, the unmistakable skyscraper of the Johannesburg inner-city skyline. It is located in one of the areas where our children live. The Dlala Nje Foundation which organised the tour showed our learners how to make the most of the educational space they run in the building, which they were invited to use at any time.

A special thank you to the very talented Lizette Cressey for taking wonderful pictures of one of the visits.

Design thinking event with Play Africa
The grade 3 learners of our Observatory Girls’ campus paid a visit to our partner Play Africa for their "Design Thinking With Children" programme. As their friends recently, they discussed the changes they would like to see happen to their school playground to improve this space.
The next steps of the activity were to draw the changes they envisaged and to give them shape through craft. Through this activity, learners were encouraged to think outside the box and inventively to improve their playground by using the design thinking model for children.

Alumni day

April alumni day
Our alumni meet once a month for various activities, with a special focus on assistance with schoolwork. Given that our group of past learners was on school holiday this month, the schedule of this gathering was a bit different to the others.

The day began with a meditation exercise in a circle where they shared their experiences of the school term using their body language and voices. A written reflection followed explaining how term one was, what areas are to improve and what their source of hope was throughout the term. After the reflection, we dived into cycling. Our volunteers helped teach the alumni how to ride a bicycle. The experience was great, there were lots of bumps and falls but they kept going!

Donations to the project

In addition to the Easter egg donations mentioned above, the project received other donated items this month. The ForAfrika organisation (formerly JAM Foundation) donated four 25kg bags of porridge. It was packed by our parents and staff into small plastic bags and given to the families who are the most in need.
porridge from JAM (1)
classroom posters (3) (2)
On the 8th, King Edward VII Preparatory School donated educational posters to our Sacred Heart College campus which were put up in the classrooms to motivate our children to learn.

There is no such thing as a small donation. Your acts of kindness make an enormous difference in the lives of our learners and of their families. Reach out to us if you’d also like to contribute to our project.

Advocacy update

Launch of Three2Six operations manual
As reported in our previous edition, our “Three2Six in a box” operations manual is now out. If you would like to find out more information about it, please visit our website here. To receive a copy of the full resource, you can email advocacy@three2six.co.za. We can all make a change to improve refugee and migrant children’s access to education in their host country.
Three2Six in a box cover page
Video on "Talking and Thinking about Refugees" resource
We have launched a video that introduces our anti-xenophobia resource. It provides a glimpse into what the toolkit entails, as well as an excerpt of one of the lesson plans in the resource for a concrete example of the kind of discussions this toolkit can guide you to have.
TTR promotional video
Thanks very much to all who contributed to this video. You can watch it here and start using the resource here.

Fundraising update

At the Three2Six project, the first priority is to ensure that learners are provided with the tools that they need to learn and grow in a healthy and safe environment with no financial impediments.

The UNHCR reported that, “Of the 20.7 million refugees under our care, 7.9 million are refugee children of school age. Their access to education is limited, with almost half of them unable to attend school at all.” Over and above the academic support, the Three2Six Project offers learners access to a number of activities on a daily basis including: sports, art and psycho-social support.

The areas where the project is located are saturated with poverty, lack of resources such as safe learning spaces which include Wi-Fi, devices and no cost training courses, and have a significant number of unemployed youths. This situation further perpetuates the inequality in the country and a decline in economic breakthrough.

Education is a basic right for all children but there are additional needs especially for refugee and migrant communities who are affected by these socio-economic issues with very limited resources and opportunities, and where priority for the scarce resources is given to South Africans.

This is why Sacred Heart College would like to initiate the “Aganang training and development programme” for unemployed South African youth in the community and Three2Six alumni. Its objective is to provide technology, skills development and training opportunities to serve as a platform that bridges the socio-economic and educational divide that exists in this community. It will enable unemployed youth to integrate into workspaces and create business opportunities for them as well as alternative ways of generating income instead of relying on the job market. In addition to this, it will promote social cohesion and integration.

The goal is to create an opportunity for sharing resources and skills with urban, unemployed youths by initiating a project which enables 50 of them to complete a qualification during 2022-2023, and providing coaching and mentorship.

This skills programme has a partnership with Turquoise Harmony Institute who will facilitate and provide training at no costs to the youth. The accreditation will be managed by Meriting Youth Development organization and Imsimbi Training.

While the Three2Six project is ready to address the challenges above, we need your help in order to attend to all the needs of the children enrolled and those who have integrated into South African mainstream schools. The annual projected budget for 2022 financial year is R7 331 288, 60. The project has confirmed operational costs funding of up to 80% for the 2022 financial year.

There are a number of opportunities to get involved in. You can help the project by providing the following:
  • Registration and financial support for learners' integration into state schools;
  • Donations of stationery and reading books;
  • Financial support for refurbishments for the skills training center;
  • Donations of equipment;
  • Partnerships for training programmes;
  • Referrals to companies, NPOs and individuals for financial support.
The project would like to thank all partners for the contributions committed for 2022. This year the project has partnered with:
  • Misean Cara
  • Terre des hommes
  • Breadsticks Foundation
  • Jell Foundation
  • Investec – Rachel du Toit Charitable Trust
  • HCI
  • JSE
  • Holy Family Sisters
Through partnerships with other NGOs and government, the project aims to positively impact on legislation and services offered to refugee and migrant communities by prioritizing access to education. The project also thrives on a good donor base which has ensured its success for over 13 years.

We would like to thank the 501C3 fundraising team in America for facilitating grants and partnerships based in America.

If you are based in UK, you can make a donation through our partner organisation - Gumboots Foundation.

Thank you for all you do for our kids. You are a part of their lives too.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have and looking forward to hearing from you.


Nthabiseng Seane
065 860 2506

Staff update

This month was the last that our IT intern Tony spent at the project after over two years with us. He has taken up an exciting opportunity at one of our host schools, Sacred Heart College. Tony always helped our team with a smile regarding all their IT issues, provided us with IT training, and created the design of our beautiful website and of our monthly newsletters. It is not a goodbye as he will still provide IT support to the project in his new role. All the best!
Don’t forget to watch our March highlight video here:
March highlight video
The April edition will come out soon!
Each donation counts and helps us make a valuable change in the lives of our learners
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